Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to "My Personal Bubble"

Ok. So here I am, where I never thought I'd be, in that dreaded of all places, the so called blogosphere. But in my college (unnamed but it probably won't take so long for you to figure out where, lol) there's never enough space. I mean, have you seen the dorms! Come on, seriously. My dorm in sem was nicer, even. That's why this blog is called my personal bubble--because here in college--ok, I give in, I'll just tell you, it's Stern--there's always people in my bubble. Especially in the elevator. Talk about claustrophobia. Woah. But I don't want to start of all complaning. My first week in college hasn't been too bad, and since I have a bunch of friends from sem here, and like every person from camp I ever met in my past, it's fun enough. But anyway, exciting intro to sociology homework is waiting for me, so more later! Bye!

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The Babysitter said...

I remember someone having an e-mail address or something called tofuttiQT, so I'm having a flash back, I can't remember who the person is or how I know them. It just has a familiar ring to it. Were you ever in camp Raninu perhaps?